Frame Structural Welding

Structural welding of metal frames carried out for a client in the construction industry. Our team is certified to Australian standards for structural welding of both steel and aluminium. Our … Read More

Beam Fabrication

Beam fabrication carried out for a client in the construction industry. Services provided: Metal fabrication

Tow Cable Welding

In this project we welded tow cable loops on the ends of high strength wire cables. The metal cables are used for towing mining equipment. The welded ends make it … Read More

Metal fabrication

Demmler welding benches allow us to rapidly fabricate extra long metal products such as these. Services provided: Metal fabrication Quality assurance

Hoist Fabrication

Our client, a leading industrial hire company, required a number of custom engineered hoists. Working closely with the client we managed to improve upon the original engineering design. Our team … Read More

Metal Arc Fabrication

Our client, a manufacturer of commercial glazed windows, needed custom window casings to hold large curved windows. The window casings were a series complex metal arcs that required highly skilled … Read More