Trust Knox Engineering to repair and straighten metal products

Repair welding and metal straightening is often more cost-effective than replacing damaged items, and can extend the life of commercial machinery and industrial products. No matter whether your repair job is big or small, our Sydney-based team is here to help.

Our skilled team can repair metal products that are torn, punctured, warped, damaged or bent. We can also fix manufacturing errors in products fabricated overseas. This includes:

  • Road plates
  • Meter pit covers
  • Beams
  • Scaffolding
  • Machinery bucket
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Weld repair and remediation

Welding errors are surprisingly common in items manufactured overseas. That’s why we specialise in quickly and reliably fixing fabrication issues - such as misaligned holes or welds that don’t meet Australian structural standards. We can deliver where others cannot.

Metal straightening

Everyday wear and tear can take its toll on industrial products such as road plates, pit covers and beams. When these items become damaged and bent, our specialist steel straightening service can return them to usable condition with minimal cost.

Fast and reliable

All repairs can be carried out quickly and safely in our Sydney factory, subject to ISO 19001 quality controls. Once repaired and ready, jobs can be conveniently delivered to your site in NSW or shipped interstate.

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Why Choose Us?

Knox Engineering are Sydney's premier metal fabricators, renowned for detail and precision, backed by a reputation forged over decades.


Precision metal fabrication with strict quality control.


Our name has been trusted for more than 60 years.


Efficient and streamlined, we always deliver on time.


We have capacity to handle any project big or small.